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We promise to offer the best sales promotion projects and provide total support for solving your issues.

We offer effective and efficient projects to solve the problem of matching the type of business with your business style.

Project, production, and verification for the paper media

We offer total support that is high quality, cost effective and creative, by verifying the results.
  • one to one DM
  • unsigned DM
  • sales promotion DH
  • packaging
  • company profile
  • Business cards
  • fliers
  • POP
  • catalogues
  • leaflets
  • manuals
  • pamphlets

Project, production, administration and verification for Web media

We offer total support for solving problems that is not only a variety of production but also provision success reward type SEO. We suggest the policy, which is included in administration for the Web site or Campaign site, using PC or mobile.

Project, production, and verification of novelties for sales promotion

We offer the best novelty ideas that would be glad to be given out but not for sale, only for the client’s use.
  • original novelty
  • project and produce digital novelty
  • arrange, pack and dispatch the existent merchandise
  • project, product and arrange a variety of souvenirs

Project, production, and administration for advertisement medium

We help by selecting the media until creative, which is an effective visual and catch copy, to create the company and merchandise recognition.
  • newspaper ad
  • magazine ad
  • TV ad
  • internet ad
  • insertion
  • indoor signboard
  • traffic ad

Project, production and verification for events and campaigns

We offer the most achieved policy that is “getting people”. We solve the issues of repeating customers and getting new customers.
  • events for gathering customers
  • music and culture events
  • anniversary events
  • exhibitions
  • sampling
  • workshops
  • etc

Building a database

The Merit of building a database is to be able to grasp the customer’s face and action. Grasping every customer group’s peculiarity makes the operation for efficient sales promotion measure possible.
  • collection of questionnaire, tallyman, input, and build database
  • matching the customer data and the record


Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data.
  • examining and designing
  • input
  • reporting
  • analysis
  • reporting
  • tallyman


As for all being concerned with sales promotion, please leave it to us. We help with our best effort for your big or small problems related to sales promotion.
  • naming and production of the merchandise’s logo
  • suggest a collaboration policy between companies
  • business for dispatch and pack