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What's SP

Our company designs promotional activities for our client’s. Promotional activities use a variety of mediums, tools, events, and the web. Our company supports the activity from the inception to the execution with the operation and administration. Finally we follow up with a post execution check or verification.

First of all, we perform a “Check”, that is an analysis of the client’s present operational situation. After both ourselves and our clients are satisfied the plan put into operation. We use a procedure of “Plan→Do→Check→Action” repeatedly, with the aim to produce the best results. To ensure this we practice verification and analysis of the activity’s result.

Our company offers efficient and effective solutions. We are particularly proud of our personal marketing, which is achieved through the various media to materialize the client’s wish “to be able to respond quickly to the customer’s needs”. We also set the goal to get immediate profit as well as developing strong relationships with the customers.

The Difference Between Our Company and an Advertising Company

To put it clearly, with sales promotion, a major focus is on “How to become well known to the consumers”. Alternatively, advertising companies tend ONLY to focus on “How to increase the sales”. Ad companies depend on the media to promote sales whereas sales promotion companies rely on customers.
Sales Promotion, supports the promotion of an activity directly targeted at individual customers. The effectiveness of the promotion quickly emerges on the books as the rate of customer response, the use of coupons, and purchases from direct mail as a contrast of ads. Now, even if consumers advertise through the various media, as advertising companies suggest, there are no evidence to show how much of the sales result from the ads.
Our company is working on with the responsibility until the work completes.

Universal subjects on the sales promotion

Following five issues are considered in every type of business regarding sales promotion.

1.Nourishment of superior customers

Analyze loyal customer’s features. Aim to increase the number of times that customer’s visit the shop (or related media) and the types of products they are interested in.

2.Prevent dormancy and drop out

Settle on a promotion plan that delivers at times of drop out or dormancy.

3.Acquiring new customers

Specify the important area, buy using an area analysis and customer characteristic analysis, to execute a promotion mix with the purpose of acquiring new customers and acquiring new customers from existing customer’s invitations.

4.Customer research to develop new product or service

Proceed questionnaires and group interviews help to grasp the customer’s needs. The results should be reflected with a new product or service.

5.Dissolve the differential in stores

Aim to raise the promotional efficiency in each shop through the horizontal analysis of excellent and under performing shops. Thereby reducing the differential between the stores.