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Purpose of administration

Set the new zone by the redistribution of the repetition area where it has occurred by unification and the review of the business charge area. In addition, through greetings activity and guidance of the unification of the sales companies and the new dealer, plan to improve on a new number of cars substitutes and the car inspection promotion.

Point of administration
  • Find the location of the present visitor and perform a review of the area by quantity of handling of several stores in one area and decide a local dealer store.
  • Organize the person in charge and the review of the local dealer store and carry out thorough common knowledge of the new charge and it should be an opportunity to plan reinforcement with the customers concerned.
  • Confirm intention of inconvenience and demands by a questionnaire for a visitor who has been out of contact and examine salesman in charge and a local dealer store substitute. Perform a customer satisfaction investigation at the same time.
  • Encourage a visit to the new store and make an opportunity to plan the store recognition and communication with the customer by holding a unification memorial event.

■Sales company unification plan frame

Promote the salesperson in charge and local dealer store to the customer and plan "the cognitive degree of the salesman" and improvement of "the reliability evaluation". In addition, through guidance and greetings activity of the unification, plan the improvement of a new car substitution rate and the car inspection rate.