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Purpose of administration

Collect the information of the new customers and become a list and compile prospective customers into a database in the form that does not rely on for the main office and business by feeding them back in the business side. In addition, follow up 3 times a year using direct mail for the new customers and depending on the answer of the questionnaire, replace next direct mail contents. Also, at the same time, accumulate customers’ information and bringing up slowly to make fan.

Point of administration
  • Automatic count of the new arrival customers’ information
  • There is structure collecting arrival customers' report regularly in the secretariat.   In the responsibility of the maker, enclosure the customers who do not have the plan to buy immediately. After building the relationship with the customers, give the customers' list to the salesman.

  • The meaning that is complete outsourcing
  • All burdens do not depend on a salesman.
  • We have you put low data (DM / a handbill piece / a questionnaire) in "an exclusive bag" at random.
  • The customers take 3 times a year follow without feeling stress and becomes a fan naturally.
  • By the return information of three times of DM questionnaires, it can be possible to plan personal information depth naturally.
  • The salesman can make use the list which is in the state that rose of the information depth in a business activity.

■The new customers’ enclosure policy frame